Check Your Points

What is it? 

A rewards program for our loyal customers where you earn free movie tickets based on your patronage.

How often can I get a free ticket? 

As often as you qualify.  The more movies you see, the more concessions you purchase, the more free tickets you earn.

How do I participate? 

Purchase a Southeast Cinemas Loyalty Card for $1 at our Box Office.  The cashier will activate your card and you will automatically receive a $1 credit back on the card that you can use on your very next purchase..

Present the loyalty card every time you make a ticket purchase at our Box Office or buy concessions at our Concessions Stand.  Points are accumulated on the card based upon the type of ticket purchased and/or the amount of money spent at the Concessions Stand each time the card is presented.  The cashier will swipe the loyalty card prior to completing the payment portion of the transaction and the points earned will be added to the card.

When the card reaches the reward points level for the theatre, a coupon for a free ticket will automatically be printed at the end of the qualifying transaction.  This coupon can then be used on your next visit to the theatre where it was earned.  Simply present the coupon for a free ticket at Box Office.  It’s that easy!

How do I earn points?

You earn points when you present your loyalty card and purchase tickets at Box Office or items at our Concessions Stand.

How many points do I need to get a free ticket?

The reward level varies by theatre, please contact the theatre for their specific reward points level.

How many points do I earn with each purchase?

You earn points for each paid ticket purchased.  Points vary by theatre and type of ticket purchased.  You earn approximately 1 point for every dollar spent at our Concessions Stand.

I just completed a transaction and received a free ticket coupon.  Can I get my money back for the ticket I just purchased?

No.  The purchased ticket added points to the loyalty card.  If we refund the ticket price we have to deduct the points earned.  Loyalty ticket coupons can be used only on your next visit.

Can I use my free ticket coupon at any Southeast Cinemas theatre?

No, you can only use the free ticket coupon at the theatre where it was issued as our theatres have differing rewards levels.

Can I use my Loyalty Card at any Southeast Cinemas theatre, or do I have to have a separate card for each theatre?

You can use the same Loyalty Card at any of our theatres to accumulate points.  However you can only redeem the earned coupons at the theater where they were printed.

Do I earn loyalty points when I use an Advance Savings Ticket or other discounted admission ticket?

No.  Loyalty points are only earned when you purchase full price tickets or concessions items.  Discounted tickets, Gift Certificates, Passes, Advance Savings Tickets, Gift Cards or any other form of admission does not qualify.

I lost my card, can I get it replaced?

Southeast Cinemas is not responsible for lost or stolen Loyalty or Gift Card,  however we can replace a lost or stolen card if you know the number of the card.  This is required in order to receive a free replacement card and have the accumulated points transferred to the new card.  (Please note that we will set the lost card to inactive and it cannot be used).  Otherwise, you will need to purchase a new card and start accumulating new points on the new card.

I found my lost card, can I get a refund if I paid for a new card?

No.  Once we issue a card, it is your property.  We can merge the points from two or more cards together if you wish to turn in extra cards, but we cannot refund any monies paid for cards.